Webinar: Your Pre-Submission Checklist with Stacey Brewer

#Webinar: Your Pre-Submission Checklist with Stacey Brewer #PromoDay2017

Title: Your Pre-Submission Checklist

Presenter: Stacey Brewer

About the webinar

A pre-submission checklist and discussion to make sure you have everything ready to go and that you don't forget anything before sending your manuscript to an agent or publisher.

About Stacey

Stacey Brewer has been the managing editor for PDMI Publishing, LLC, for the last 4 years and writes fantasy of all flavors, magical realism, and fiction (though she also suffers from the occasional steampunk and sci-fi ambitions). A little time studying journalism was all it took to turn Stacey into a proper grammar fiend, and a love of reading well-written books drives her to continually study the craft of writing and use those studies to help authors refine their work and make it the best it can be.

Connect with Stacey

Twitter: @AuthorStaceyB

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Stacey Brewer said...

Hi, everyone!
Sorry I'm late to the party. I've been having technical difficulties, and I'm a bit behind Jo since I'm in the US.

I've got a PDF of a basic Pre-Submission checklist for you, and I am here and available all day for discussion and to answer any and all questions.

I hope you're all enjoying the virtual conference. There are a lot of great people here today!

So let's get started: What are your questions?

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