Webinar: Finding Your Voice- Building Your Author Brand with Clay Gilbert

#PromoDay2018 #Webinar: Finding Your Voice- Building Your Author Brand with Clay Gilbert

Webinar title: Finding Your Voice: Building Your Author Brand

Presenter: Clay Gilbert

A brief outline of what will be covered:

In this webinar, Clay Gilbert, author of the "Children of Evohe" science fiction series, as well as "Eternity", "Dark Road to Paradise", and "The Conversationalist", talks about how you can increase audience awareness of yourself and your work by building an author brand that lets readers know what kind of experience they're in for when they buy one of your books.  Clay says, "When I first became a professional author, I quickly realized I had to show readers what a 'Clay Gilbert story' was, and why my books offered something they couldn't find by reading someone else's work.  I believe that by developing your own brand, in other words, those distinct qualities that set you apart from others in the crowded publishing marketplace, you let readers know who you are and also increase your chances at great sales impact.  I'll walk you through how to do this during my PromoDay presentation!"

About Clay:

Clay Gilbert says he’s always liked stories, and that from the time he knew there were people who told them for a living, that’s what he wanted to do.  Clay’s work in various genres has been in print since his first short science fiction story, “The Computer Conspiracy,” was published inScholastic magazine when he was just thirteen. Clay is the author of the science fiction series Children of Evohe, including the novels Annah and the Children of Evohe, Annah and the Exiles, and Annah and the Gates of Grace.  He is also the author of the YA dystopian novel Eternity, as well as the vampire novel Dark Road to ParadiseHis works are published by Dark Moon Press.  He lives and works in KnoxvilleTN.  His author blog can be found athttp://portalsandpathways.wordpress.com/,  and the official website for hisChildren of Evohe novels resides at https://childrenofevohe.com/.

Twitter: @ClayGilbert1

Facebook: CGilbert

Important info:
When: Saturday 5th May 2018 (available all day)
Where: In the event forums
Cost: FREE!

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