Workshop: Twitter for Authors with Devin Cutting

#PromoDay2018 Workshop: Twitter for Authors with Devin Cutting

Workshop title: Twitter for Authors

Presenter: Devin Cutting

A brief outline of what will be covered:

1) A written presentation about how authors use hashtag activities on Twitter to promote themselves and network with others. It will include first hand information and quotes from authors who have utilized these methods. Several authors have already agreed to be interviewed.

2) A chat on Twitter to demonstrate how #IndieFeature and other hashtag activities work. I plan to invite other hashtag hosts to join in so that they can answer questions about their activities.

About Devin:

Devin Cutting is a film and creative writing student from Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. He's a member of several writers' groups, and he hosts #IndieFeature on Twitter. A short story that he wrote will be published in a multi-author anthology this year. His other interests include exercising, listening to music and watching professional wrestling.


Important info:
When: Saturday 5th May 2018 (available all day)
Where: In the event forums
Cost: FREE!


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