Webinar: Your Author Marketing Plan with Brandy Potter

#Webinar: Your Author Marketing Plan with Brandy Potter #PromoDay2018

Webinar TitleYour Author Marketing Plan

Presenter: Brandy Potter

A brief outline of what will be covered:
  • What is a Marketing Plan
  • Definition
  • Purpose
  • Where to begin
  • Size up the competition
  • Set goals for you and your book
  • S.m.a.r.t. goals
  • Identify your brand
  • Define your audience
  • What needs does my audience have
  • How will my book affect them
  • What do I have for them that other authors don’t
  • How can I help my audience
  • What is your budget?
  • How to reach your audience
  • Where do they socialize online
  • Key bloggers in your area
  • Ideas for guest blog posts
  • Local papers
  • Local key places library, grocery store etc
  • Podcasts
  • Speaking engagements
  • Writers conventions
  • Getting reviews.
  • Free copies
  • Soliciting
  • Doing reviews in exchange
  • Book trailer yes or no?

About Brandy: 

Brandy Potter lives in Maryland with her husband and their 3 children. She has been writing since she was 9 years old, but Venomous Lives was her first published novel. Currently she is working on a romance suspense and a romance thriller. Her character development focuses on the psychology of the everyday person, fictionalized visions people overcoming their conflicts. She enjoys watching people and observing their behaviors. What makes us and at times what breaks us. She likes strong female leads but maintains that they are strong in different ways. She does reviews for an online blog magazine and facilitates an online author’s group.

Important info:

When: Saturday 5th May 2018 (available all day)

Where: In the event forums

Cost: FREE!

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