About Promo Day 2019

About Promo Day 2019

About Promo Day 2019

Date of the event

Promo Day will back on Saturday 11th May 2019 with a brand new format!

As always, it will be an all day event. Webinars will be available on demand throughout the day so you can join in regardless of your time zone making Promo Day a truly international event. 

No registration required

You no longer need to sign up for the event. That's right, you can take place directly on the website. Registration is no longer required. 

You will have immediate access to all the webinars, live events, and the giveaways directly through the navigation bar on the website. 


New for 2019 is the Promo Day Awards. Attend the event and you might win a certificate, and acknowledgment in the awards ceremony. 

Support Promo Day

Sign up as official sponsor of Promo Day 2019 or have your book added to the Promo Day bookstore.

Check out the media page for Promo Day 2019 promotional materials.

To offer a giveaway prize get in touch via email.

About Promo Day 2019


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