Be an official sponsor of #PromoDay2019

Below are examples of the opportunities available for the 2019 event. For advice and further information contact Jo Linsdell

Official Sponsor

This sponsorship package will offer an increased level of exposure prior to, during, and after the event. 

* Banner on the website side bar (292x250)
* Sponsors page on website including; banner, about description (max 500 words), link to website, and social media buttons linking to your business pages.
* Promotional blog posts about your company (total 3. Can be before, or after the event) 
* Logo on signature of all Promo Day emails.
* Mentions on the Promo Day social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and YouTube).
Cost: €80,00

Book Sponsor

* Your book cover and purchasing link will be shared on the Promo Day social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+) 10 times (4x prior to, 4x during, and 2x after the event).

* Your book cover and purchasing link will be included in the Promo Day bookstore on the website.

Cost: €10,00

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